Help - Adjusting Screen resolution

To adjust the screen resolution, work through the following steps.  The screens shown are from Windows XP.  The procedure is very similar in Windows NT, Windows Me, and Windows 2000. The first two steps in Windows Vista are slightly different, Vista instructions are given in BLUE TEXT.

First, right click the mouse anywhere on the main desktop area, and select properties from the menu:

(VISTA: Instead of Properties, select Personalize)

A box will pop up with 5 tabs.  Select the Settings tab (far right):

(VISTA: Options are not tabbed, but appear as a list - select the bottom option - marked Display Settings)

This will bring up the settings window.  Push the slider to the correct resolution (1024 x 768).  If this option is not available, your monitor or graphics card may not provide this resolution:

Finally, click the Apply button and the new resolution will come into effect:

The screen should reset to the new resolution, with the last menu still active.  To finish the settings, click OK:

On some operating systems, you may be asked if you wish to accept the new settings or revert to the last setting.  Click ACCEPT.


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